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China OEM Maschio Gaspardo Seeder Original Seeder Shaft

Product Description

Maschio Gaspardo seeder original seeder shaft

Product details


1)Product features & advantages:

semi-solid tires have lighter weight, better elasticity, and antifriction than CHINAMFG tires;

these tires don’t also need inflation and mend, compared to pneumatic tires

2) Application:

they are widely used for lawn mowers, agricultural machines, seeders, planting machines, luggage carts, trolleys, generators, air compressors, medical applications, go-karts, turf equipment, golf carts, and so on

3)Company advantages:

♦  We have professional technicians  and good executives introduced from  world famous tire company.

♦  We have a full set of advanced tire-making machines and equipment in the process of mixing, extrusion, molding, curing. Our production technology is up to the industry’s top-level

♦  We have passed the ISO9001 certification and obtained a certificate. Our company has its own laboratory and a full set of testing equipment used to test the physical properties of rubber mixture and the performance of tires. Products’ quality is strictly controlled in each process.

♦Our tires’ quality and price compare favorably with world famous tire company.

Product details


Product Parameters

Product category Wheels, tires, and accessories
Origin ZheJiang , China
Supply Capacity 20000/month
Seaport ZheJiang port, China
Color Conventional
Delivery time 30 days
Payment terms L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc.

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Packaging and Transportation

Q:Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
We are a factory in HangZhou city, ZheJiang Province, China. 

Q: How long is your delivery time?
Maximum 30 days.  According to purchase quantity to decline delivery time.

Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
Yes, we could provide samples for free. The sample cost will be deducted from the 1st formal order amount.

Q: Do you offer OEM and ODM services? 
Yes, we offer OEM and ODM services according to customers’ requirements.

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Type: Transmission Shaft
Usage: Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization
Material: Carbon Steel
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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finished product


Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

pto shaft

How do PTO shafts handle variations in length and connection methods?

PTO (Power Take-Off) shafts are designed to handle variations in length and connection methods to accommodate different equipment setups and ensure efficient power transfer. PTO shafts need to be adjustable in length to bridge the distance between the power source and the driven machinery. Additionally, they must provide versatile connection methods to connect to a wide range of equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation of how PTO shafts handle variations in length and connection methods:

1. Telescoping Design: PTO shafts often feature a telescoping design, allowing them to be adjusted in length to suit different equipment configurations. The telescoping feature enables the shaft to extend or retract, accommodating varying distances between the power source (such as a tractor or engine) and the driven machinery. By adjusting the length of the PTO shaft, it can be properly aligned and connected to ensure optimal power transfer. Telescoping PTO shafts typically consist of multiple tubular sections that slide into one another, providing flexibility in length adjustment.

2. Splined Shafts: PTO shafts commonly employ splined shafts as the primary connection method between the power source and driven machinery. Splines are a series of ridges or grooves along the shaft that interlock with corresponding grooves in the mating component. The splined connection allows for torque transfer while maintaining alignment between the power source and driven machinery. Splined shafts can handle variations in length by extending or retracting the telescoping sections while still maintaining a solid connection between the power source and the driven equipment.

3. Adjustable Sliding Yokes: PTO shafts typically feature adjustable sliding yokes on one or both ends of the shaft. These yokes allow for angular adjustment, accommodating variations in the alignment between the power source and driven machinery. The sliding yokes can be moved along the splined shaft to achieve the desired angle and maintain proper alignment. This flexibility ensures that the PTO shaft can handle length variations while ensuring efficient power transfer without placing excessive strain on the universal joints or other components.

4. Universal Joints: Universal joints are integral components of PTO shafts that allow for angular misalignment between the power source and driven machinery. They consist of a cross-shaped yoke with bearings that transmit torque between connected shafts while accommodating misalignment. Universal joints provide flexibility in connecting PTO shafts to equipment that may not be perfectly aligned. As the PTO shaft length varies, the universal joints compensate for the changes in angle, allowing for smooth power transmission even when there are variations in length or misalignment between the power source and driven machinery.

5. Coupling Mechanisms: PTO shafts utilize various coupling mechanisms to securely connect to the power source and driven machinery. These mechanisms often involve a combination of splines, bolts, locking pins, or quick-release mechanisms. The coupling methods can vary depending on the specific equipment and industry requirements. The versatility of PTO shafts allows for the use of different coupling methods, ensuring a reliable and secure connection regardless of the length variation or equipment configuration.

6. Customization Options: PTO shafts can be customized to handle specific length variations and connection methods. Manufacturers offer options to select different lengths of telescoping sections to match the specific distance between the power source and driven machinery. Additionally, PTO shafts can be tailored to accommodate various connection methods through the selection of splined shaft sizes, yoke designs, and coupling mechanisms. This customization enables PTO shafts to meet the specific requirements of different equipment setups, ensuring optimal power transfer and compatibility.

7. Safety Considerations: When handling variations in length and connection methods, it is essential to consider safety. PTO shafts incorporate protective guards and shields to prevent accidental contact with rotating components. These safety measures must be appropriately adjusted and installed to provide adequate coverage and protection, regardless of the PTO shaft’s length or connection configuration. Safety guidelines and regulations should be followed to ensure the proper installation, adjustment, and use of PTO shafts in order to prevent accidents or injuries.

By incorporating telescoping designs, splined shafts, adjustable sliding yokes, universal joints, and versatile coupling mechanisms, PTO shafts can handle variations in length and connection methods. The flexibility of PTO shafts allows them to adapt to different equipment setups, ensuring efficient power transfer while maintaining alignment and safety.

pto shaft

What safety precautions should be followed when working with PTO shafts?

Working with Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts requires strict adherence to safety precautions to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of individuals operating or working in the vicinity of the equipment. PTO shafts involve rotating machinery and can pose significant hazards if not handled properly. Here are several important safety precautions that should be followed when working with PTO shafts:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment: Prior to operating or working near a PTO shaft, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the equipment’s operation, including the specific PTO shaft configuration, safety features, and any associated machinery. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines pertaining to the PTO shaft and associated equipment. Training and familiarity with the equipment are essential to ensure safe practices.

2. Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): When working with PTO shafts, individuals should wear appropriate personal protective equipment to minimize the risk of injury. This may include safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, and sturdy footwear. PPE protects against potential hazards such as flying debris, noise, and accidental contact with rotating components.

3. Guarding and Shielding: Ensure that the PTO shaft and associated machinery are equipped with appropriate guarding and shielding. Guarding helps prevent accidental contact with rotating parts, reducing the risk of entanglement or injury. PTO shafts should have guard shields covering the rotating shaft and any exposed universal joints. Machinery driven by the PTO shaft should also have adequate guarding in place to protect against contact with moving parts.

4. Securely Fasten and Align PTO Shaft Components: Before operating or connecting the PTO shaft, ensure that all components are securely fastened and aligned. Loose or misaligned components can lead to shaft dislodgement, imbalance, and potential failure. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper installation and tightening of couplings, yokes, and other connecting points. Proper alignment is crucial to prevent excessive stress, vibrations, and premature wear on the PTO shaft and associated equipment.

5. Avoid Loose Clothing and Jewelry: Loose clothing, jewelry, or other items that can become entangled in the PTO shaft or associated machinery should be avoided. Secure long hair, tuck in loose clothing, and remove or properly secure any dangling accessories. Loose items can get caught in rotating parts, leading to serious injury or entanglement hazards.

6. Do Not Modify or Remove Safety Features: PTO shafts are equipped with safety features such as guard shields, safety covers, and torque limiters for a reason. These features are designed to protect against potential hazards and should not be modified, bypassed, or removed. Altering or disabling safety features can significantly increase the risk of accidents and injury. If any safety features are damaged or not functioning correctly, they should be repaired or replaced promptly.

7. Shut Down Power Source Before Maintenance: Before performing any maintenance, repairs, or adjustments on the PTO shaft or associated machinery, ensure that the power source is completely shut down and disconnected. This includes turning off the engine, disconnecting power supply, and engaging any safety locks or mechanisms. Lockout/tagout procedures should be followed to prevent accidental energization or startup during maintenance activities.

8. Regular Maintenance and Inspection: Regular maintenance and inspection of the PTO shaft and associated equipment are vital for safe operation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and perform routine inspections to identify any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Lubricate universal joints as per the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure smooth operation. Promptly address any maintenance or repair needs to prevent potential hazards.

9. Training and Communication: Ensure that individuals operating or working near PTO shafts receive proper training on safe work practices, hazard identification, and emergency procedures. Promote clear communication regarding the presence and operation of PTO shafts to prevent accidental contact or interference. Establish effective communication methods, such as signals or radios, when working in teams or near noisy equipment.

10. Be Aware of Surroundings: Maintain situational awareness when working with PTO shafts. Be mindful of the location of bystanders, obstacles, and potential hazards. Ensure a clear and safe work area around the PTO shaft. Avoid distractions and focus on the task at hand to prevent accidents caused by inattention.

By following these safety precautions, individuals can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries when working with PTO shafts. Safety should always be the top priority to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

pto shaft

What is a PTO shaft and how is it used in agricultural and industrial equipment?

A power take-off (PTO) shaft is a mechanical component used in agricultural and industrial equipment to transfer power from a power source, such as an engine or motor, to another machine or implement. It is a driveline shaft that transmits rotational power and torque, allowing the connected equipment to perform various tasks. PTO shafts are commonly used in agricultural machinery, such as tractors, as well as in industrial equipment, including generators, pumps, and construction machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation of what a PTO shaft is and how it is used:

Structure and Components: A typical PTO shaft consists of a hollow metal tube with universal joints at each end. The hollow tube allows the shaft to rotate freely, while the universal joints accommodate angular misalignments between the power source and the driven equipment. The universal joints consist of a cross-shaped yoke with needle bearings, providing flexibility and allowing the transmission of power at varying angles. Some PTO shafts may also include a telescopic section to adjust the length for different equipment setups or to accommodate varying distances between the power source and the driven machine.

Power Transfer: The primary function of a PTO shaft is to transfer power and torque from the power source to the driven equipment. The power source, typically an engine or motor, drives the PTO shaft through a mechanical connection, such as a gearbox or a clutch. As the power source rotates, it transmits rotational force to the PTO shaft. The PTO shaft, in turn, transfers this rotational power and torque to the driven equipment, enabling it to perform its intended function. The torque and rotational speed transmitted through the PTO shaft depend on the power source’s characteristics and the gear ratio or clutch engagement.

Agricultural Applications: In agriculture, PTO shafts are commonly used in tractors to power various implements and attachments. The PTO shaft is connected to the tractor’s power take-off, a rotating drive shaft located at the rear of the tractor. By engaging the PTO clutch, the tractor’s engine power is transferred through the PTO shaft to the attached implements. Agricultural machinery, such as mowers, balers, tillers, sprayers, and grain augers, often rely on PTO shafts to receive power for their operation. The PTO shaft allows the implements to be powered directly by the tractor’s engine, eliminating the need for separate power sources and increasing the versatility and efficiency of agricultural operations.

Industrial Applications: PTO shafts also find extensive use in various industrial applications. Industrial equipment, such as generators, pumps, compressors, and industrial mixers, often incorporate PTO shafts to receive power from engines or electric motors. The PTO shaft connects the power source to the driven equipment, allowing it to operate and perform its intended function. In construction machinery, PTO shafts can be found in equipment like concrete mixers, hydraulic hammers, and post hole diggers, enabling the transfer of power from the machinery’s engine to the specific attachment or tool being used.

Safety Considerations: It is important to note that PTO shafts can pose safety risks if not handled properly. The rotating shaft can cause serious injuries if operators come into contact with it while it is in operation. To ensure safety, PTO shafts are often equipped with shielding or guards that cover the rotating shaft and universal joints, preventing accidental contact. It is crucial to maintain and inspect these safety features regularly to ensure their effectiveness. Additionally, operators should receive proper training on PTO shaft operation, including safe attachment and detachment procedures, as well as the use of personal protective equipment when working near PTO-driven machinery.

In summary, a PTO shaft is a mechanical component used in agricultural and industrial equipment to transmit power and torque from a power source to a driven machine or implement. It enables the direct power transfer from engines or motors to various equipment, increasing efficiency and versatility in agricultural and industrial operations. While PTO shafts offer significant benefits, operators must be aware of the associated safety considerations and take appropriate precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.

China OEM Maschio Gaspardo Seeder Original Seeder Shaft  China OEM Maschio Gaspardo Seeder Original Seeder Shaft
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China Original brand tractor parts PTO shaft 6 splines in lowest price for KUBOTA Tractor M704K pto shaft adapter tractor supply

Condition: New
Guarantee: 6 Months
Applicable Industries: Production Plant, AGH collection hefty obligation verge flail mower with still left hand Farms, Bringsmart A58SW-555 Worm Geared DC Motor With High Torque Self-Lock Electric powered Car Elements DC Motor Package Property Use
Bodyweight (KG): 2 KG
Showroom Place: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Presented
Equipment Examination Report: Not Obtainable
Advertising Variety: New Product 2571
Sort: Shafts
Use: Tractors
Packaging Information: NUDE Deal
Port: ZheJiang


NameM704K PTO shaft 6 splines
Applicationkubota tractor M704K spare components
After Warranty Services:Online help
Advise Products Firm Information Our advantages FAQ Speak to details

a line drive shaft
China Original brand tractor parts PTO shaft 6 splines in lowest price for KUBOTA Tractor M704K     pto shaft adapter tractor supplyChina Original brand tractor parts PTO shaft 6 splines in lowest price for KUBOTA Tractor M704K     pto shaft adapter tractor supply
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