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  in Brisbane Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Oil Jet Lubrication Direct Coupled Two Stage Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

If you want any data or samples, make sure you get in touch with us and you will have our soon reply. Support & Good quality controlWe source comprehensive drawings and supply whenever needed. Our professionals and engineers have 23 many years of Experience in the Bearing Market.

Oil EPTT lubrication Immediate coupled Two Stage Screw Air EPTT

Two stage compression attributes and positive aspects:
one.The intaked air flow soon after compressed by the 1st phase compression, connect with huge amount oil mist in the cooling channel then cool rapidly, and then goes into the second phase compression system to be compressed and discharged unEPTTthe requirement force, a lot far more vitality saving than 1 stage compression variety.
2. Adopt German double rotor screw air end, huge rotor and reduced rotary speed creating, the first and the next stage compression rotors are developed in one particular compression chamber, by way of diverse driving EPT and EPTn EPT ratio to get the very best seal speed of the very first stage and the second phase rotors EPT prime line, drastically enhancing the air finish compression efficiency.
3. Undertake inner spray oil cooling kind, empower air isothermal compression, saving strength by eight%.
three. Every single stage compression ratio is as minimal as 3:one, small inside leakage, enhancing performance by15%.
Scaled-down compression ratio can boost managing stability and dependability, high efficiency doing work, EPTT making use of existence, quite low fault price.
four. The EPTT device EPTT can get to EPTT national level-1 strength performance stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd.
5. Have fixed pace sort (TKL) and long lasting magnetic frequency conversion motor one-piece shaft kind (TKLYC).

I. TKL series of two stage compression twin screw air compressor

Undertake EPTd twin rotor screw air finish EPTTed from German and EPTT, fee of 5:6, large precision of EPT and seal, use SKF bearing and large quality oil seals to make certain the main engine EPTT life and lower noise procedure. The air conclude and the diesel / electric powered motor is right related via the high elastic coupling, no EPT, significantly less vitality intake, a lot more air output, high dependability, EPTT service life and reduced routine maintenance EPT.

II. TKLYC series of Long term magnetic frequency conversion two phase compression twin screw air compressor

Undertake power conserving long lasting magnetic frequency conversion screw air conclude:
1. Undertake One particular-piece shaft connection framework for the permanent magnetic motor and the air stop
#9733Permanent magnetic EPT’s rotor is directly sleeved on shaft of the air end, embedded built-in immediate-connecting composition, without having coupling component or EPTT EPT component, particularly one-piece shaft, ensuring of 100% EPTT performance.
#9733EPTTper link is adopted for motor, and it can be assembled and disassembled very basically.
two. Adopt long lasting magnetic frequency conversion electrical motor
#9733Permanent magnetic frequency conversion motor is the most EPTd technological electric powered motor, performance can be up to 97%, greater by 3%-5% than ordinary motor with frequency conversion system kind, conserving power a good deal certainly.
#9733Permanent magnetic electric motor adopts high temperature resistance unusual earth everlasting magnet to ensure no demagnetization. Without motor bearing or sleeve, so no require lubricating grease, no require issue alignment dilemma, compact framework, conserving room, hassle-free use and servicing.
3. Wide frequency conversion, constant stress air feeding
#9733Frequency application scope (0HZ-200HZ) is wide, and motor effectiveness unEPTTdifferent load is basically continuous.
#9733The motor is large torque, powerful adaptability and loaded startup.
#9733The EPTT EPTT function unEPTTfrequency conversion state, and can function frequency modulation according to the client’s genuine need of air use at continuous strain, realizing high efficiency and power conserving.
4. Running stable and reliable
#9733EPTT starting up up unEPTTfrequency conversion point out, drastically minimizing the impacting to the EPTT grid gear, avoiding of damage to the electric powered products and saving electrical power when starting.
#9733No want to set operating stress up and base restrict benefit, can run by regulating the frequency at the location force level to stabilize the force, so can save electric powered power by 10%-15%.
five. Vitality saving a lot clearly
In contrast with the mounted velocity type compressor, our long term magnetic frequency conversion compressor can save vitality by thirty% in contrast with the ordinary motor with frequency unit kind compressor, our compressor can help save power by five%-ten%.

EPTnical parameter of two stage air compressor (TKLYC variety):

Sort Exhause force (Mpa) Air displacemen (m3/min) EPTT (Kw) Noise (dBa) Dimensions (mm) Outlet pipe dimensions WeigEPTT (Kg)
TKLYC-15F-II .eight/1./one.3 2.seven/two.3/two.two 15 66 1600*900*1300 G1 one/2 800
TKLYC-18F-II .eight/one./one.3 three.5/3./2.five eighteen.5 66 1600*900*1300 G1 1/two 840
TKLYC-22F-II .8/one./1.3 four./3.5/three. 22 66 1600*900*1300 G1 one/2 860
TKLYC-30F-II .eight/1./1.three six.four/five./four.two thirty 68 1800*1500*1510 G1 one/2 1100
TKLYC-37F-II .8/one./1.3 seven./six./five.five 37 sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 G1 1/2 1100
TKLYC-45F-II .eight/one./one.three nine.five/eight.eight/eight.one 45 sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2200
TKLYC-55F-II .8/one./one.3 eleven.5/10.nine/ten.5 55 sixty eight 2300*1400*1800 DN50 2600
TKLYC-75F-II .eight/one./one.three sixteen.one/14.five/twelve.5 seventy five sixty eight 2300*1400*1800 DN65 2850
TKLYC-90F-II .eight/1./1.three 19.eight/16.five/thirteen.5 ninety sixty eight 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2950
TKLYC-110F-II .eight/1./one.three 24./19.8/seventeen.2 110 68 3100*1740*2150 DN80 3000
TKLYC-132F-II .eight/one./one.3 28.three/23.two/19.2 132 70 3100*1740*2150 DN80 3100
TKLYC-160F-II .8/one./1.three 33.3/28.4/23.six 160 72 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5400
TKLYC-185F-II .8/one./one.three 38.five/33.3/28.four 185 seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5600
TKLYC-200F-II .8/one./one.3 forty one.three/38.5/33.five 200 75 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5800
TKLYC-220F-II .eight/1./1.three forty five.five/forty.eight/37.six 220 seventy five 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
TKLYC-250F-II .eight/1./one.three 54.seven/44.nine/forty.3 250 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200

EPTnical parameter of two stage air compressor (TKL sort):

Product Exhause force (Mpa) Air displacement (m3/min) EPTT (Kw) Sound (dBa) Proportions (mm) Outlet pipe dimension WeigEPTT (Kg)
TKL-45F-II .8 nine.five forty five sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2400
1. eight.eight
one.3 8.1
TKL-55F-II .8 11.5 55 sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2430
1. ten.9
one.3 10.five
TKL-75F-II .eight sixteen.one 75 sixty eight 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2700
one. 14.5
one.three 12.5
TKL-90F-II .eight 19.8 ninety 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2800
one. 16.five
1.3 thirteen.five
TKL-110F-II .8 24. one hundred ten 68 2660*1700*2571 DN65 2850
1. 19.eight
one.three 17.two
TKL-132F-II .eight 28.3 132 70 2660*1700*2571 DN65 4150
1. 23.two
1.three 19.two
TKL-160F-II .8 33.three 160 72 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5100
one. 28.4
one.3 23.six
TKL-185F-II .8 38.5 185 72 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5200
one. 33.three
1.three 28.four
TKL-200F-II .eight 41.3 200 75 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5250
one. 38.5
one.3 33.5
TKL-220F-II .eight 45.5 220 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
one. forty.eight
1.3 37.six
TKL-250F-II .8 54.seven 250 seventy five 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200
one. 44.nine
1.three 40.3

Our manufacturing facility and workshop

Soon after product sales support:
1. Supplying skilled air compression software planning for cost-free.
two. Supplying our manufacturing unit original EPTT components at cheapest price tag soon after EPTT income.
3. Offering coaching and direction for cost-free, customers can deliver their personnel to our factory to understand how to work the EPTTs.
four. Warranty period of time: the screw major EPTT is one 12 months, the bearing is one particular yr, the wear areas of air intake valve, electrical factors, electromagnetic valve, price valve are six months
5. The air filter, oil filter, oil-drinking water separator, lubricating oil, rubber elements and and so on. are not incEPTTd in guarantee range.

Certification and patents of our air compressor

Q1: Are you factory or trade firm?
A1: We are manufacturing unit.
Q2: Warranty terms of your EPTT?
A2: One yr warranty for the EPTT and technological assist according to your wants.
Q3: Will you supply some spare components of the EPTTs?
A3: Sure, of program.
Q4: How EPTT will you get to set up manufacturing?
A4: 380V 50HZ we can shipping the merchandise inside 20 times. Other electrical power or other colour we will shipping within 30 times.
Q5: Can you settle for OEM orders?
A5: Yes, with professional layout group, OEM orders are extremely welcome!

  in Brisbane Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Oil Jet Lubrication Direct Coupled Two Stage Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Brisbane Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Oil Jet Lubrication Direct Coupled Two Stage Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

MICRO China OIL SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR – Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler Factory

MICRO  China OIL SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR - Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler Factory

For more data.: Mobile/Whatpp: +8613083988828

High quality and credit rating are the bases that make a company alive. a specialised provider of a full selection of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes….Our products are marketing properly in Chinese marketplaces and some goods sold in international marketplaces are nicely received by Chinese and foreign customers at property and overseas.


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6 months

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Solution Description

micro oil screw air compressor

Benefit is derived from At any time-electricity fantastic host performance, the embodiment of the water lubrication host technologies

★”No require shaft seal “, the host will never leak.

Underneath the condition of oil-free device no using lubricating oil, no shaft seal can use for a prolonged time. Therefore HZPT invented the quite ingenious, never ever contact, by no means use shaft seal layout. Fix the planet hurdles of the shaft seal that wants to be changed periodically. Shaft seal existence extension to infinite referred to as the “no shaft seal design”.

★Power use province, the exact same power gasoline generation by much more than 10%, preserve electric power immediately by more than ten%n

The precondition of h2o lubrication oil-free of charge device technological innovation is the volumetric effectiveness of the host have to attain 95% above, that is to say, leakage need to be much less than five%, zimmern learn oil-free machine generation engineering and use this manufacturing engineering to micro-oil screw compressor, leakage of considerably less than 4%, the performance is very high.

★Resistance to substantial temperature, fifty five ℃ environment, the greatest temperature of unit steady work does not exceed 92 ℃

 micro-oil screw air compressor oil leakage is much less than four%, the temperature is extremely low when unit heating, high temperature resistance. ★Low oil articles < 2 PPM

screw air compressor hugely productive host only need to have a modest volume of lubricating oil can have really excellent sealing impact, fuel oil articles is completely < 2 PPM, referred to as the " micro-oil screw air compressor technology parameters

Notice: the company reserves the proper for engineering carries on to increase it, parameter must not alter without having inform us!

Main Attributes

We is a major maker of industrial air compressor china manufacturers, oir free air compressor china suppliers and screw air compressor china spare parts.Primarily based in China, our merchandise decrease sound air compressors,Oil-free of charge screw air compressor variety signifies the most complete portfolio of compressed air gear supplied for 1000’s of applications in the Oil, Textile, Meals, Maritime, etc. industries.


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MICRO  China OIL SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR - Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler Factory