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Synchronous Motor
Runs at main power net (three phase,380v,50HZ) Without inverter.

High performance : The rotor uses rare earth PM material. High magnetic field tensity, big starting torque, small starting current, and wide speed range;

Small size and light weight : Its frame size is 1 to 2 frame sizes smaller than that of AC asynchronous motor of same HP;
High efficient and high power factor, effective in saving energy : it is 5% to 12% more efficient than asynchronous motor of same HP. As the motor does not need the exciting current, the power factor is close to1;Save about 10% Energy than asynchronous motor.

Long durability : As a result of reduced current and less heating of motor;

Compatibility : It has same frame structure with AC asynchronous motor and can be used to substitute AC asynchronous motor;

Wide applicability : It can be used in various tough conditions.